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Thank you for becoming a BEAUTYCUPERE Founder!


This site uses creations by Artists who share their artwork for Free. They deserve to be recognized for their art, where ever it is used.

Gerlaine Beauty recognizes each artist by name and links back to their website. Please check this page and visit these artists to see more of their art.

Official Model of Beautylixr:

Gabriel Palm of

Other Acknowledgements

James Charles 

Not an official Model of Beautylixr, but he slays... and I used him in my cover.



Royalty Free Photos Provided by:

Autumn Goodman -

George Bohunicky -

Guido Fuà -

Anna Shvets -

Gabb Tapic -

Marlon Schmeiski -

Mihai Stefan Photography -

Rikonavt -

Marcelo Dias -

Asa Dugger - 

Arsham Haghani

Marcelo Chagas

Matheus Ferrero

Anastasiya Lobanovskaya

Justin Essah


Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels